History of Villa Infantil

The story begins in April 1996 in a small house in Guadalajara, Mexico, where 3 sisters of the Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Joseph cared for over 30 children, including newborn babies and infants. Some of the babies were without any known families, other babies were abandoned due to extreme poverty and other unforeseen circumstances that would force a parent to give up a child.

In August 2002, an anonymous patron built two casitas (small houses) on a piece of rural land near the small village of San Pedro Tesistan – about forty-five miles from Guadalajara on the south shore of Lake Chapala. Two sisters and 21 school aged children and toddlers relocated to their new home on that land. One sister and the babies remained in the Guadalajara home, which is currently closed. There are currently 23 children at the Villa aged 1 - 13. In 2010, ten children were either adopted or able to return home to their families. The children are all brought to the Villa through the Department of Social Services and it is anticipated that 5 or more children will make the Villa their home by the end of this year.